Due to the challenges and complexities of the recent inclement weather in our state, TEXAS NAHRO has extended the 2021 Scholarship Application deadline. The application and related material must be post marked no later than:


Be a resident of public housing or a participant in the Section 8 program in which you are living.

Be a graduating high school senior. (You can not have graduated in the previous year or be in college already for this scholarship. It is intended to help high school seniors get started immediately in college).

Demonstrate exceptional school attendance.

Demonstrate high academic achievement.

Demonstrate leadership and/or high level of motivation.

Be a resident of a Housing Authority or Community Development (CD) agency that is a member of TXNAHRO.


Housing Agency Certification signed by the Executive Director of the housing agency in which you reside. (Click here to download form).

Transcript or certified copy of grades with grade point average and scale used—whether 4 pt. scale, 5 pt. scale, etc., class rank/size, proficiency test scores (TAKS, etc., whatever standardized testing system is used and ACT and/or SAT scores, if taken). It is very important to include all the above information so that all scholarship applicants can be evaluated on the same criteria.

TWO letters of recommendation; one from a community leader and one from a high school instructor.

One (1) recent photo (if a professional photo is not available, even a cellphone selfie will be accepted, if a better quality portrait is unavailable). This is very important for the awards ceremony!

*NEW* Please submit a 3 minute or less video of yourself describing your short and long-term goals in life, why you are pursuing your particular college degree or vocational training program and an achievement or an event in your life that has been especially significant.

Incomplete Applications will not be accepted—They will be rejected.